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Boxmotions’ success story

How Boxmotions were discovered by Inveready Technology Investment Group during 4YFN Barcelona 2017

One of our investor club members –Inveready –  had a stroll around the event and found Boxmotions (4YFN Awards finalist 2018). One year after, Boxmotions is part of Inveready’s portfolio and closed a 1 million € investment round!

We had a chat with Joan Rojas, Investment Analyst at Inveready, to get to know the investors-side of this success story.

Hi Joan! Can you introduce Inveready? What kind of investments do you typically handle and in which technologies/ industries?

Inveready Technology Investment Group is one of the leading early-stage investment VCs in Spain according to ASCRI. We have over 100M€ under management across different funds.

We are focusing on early-stage tech companies, with innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Networks, Big Data. We usually do B2B investments and selected consumer plays.

We take investment decisions based on three things:

  1. The belief we have in the product
  2. The feeling we have with the core team and their fit with the market
  3. The presence of early commercial indicators of product-market fit
Can you tell us about your experience at 4YFN in 2017? Why did you attend? What were your expectations? Which activities did you take part in? 

4YFN is the best startup event of the year and our experience was great! We had two main goals. The first one was to network with other investors. At 4YFN you have such great opportunities to meet investors from all over the world that can really make a difference to your portfolio companies. And second, to have access to its extensive deal flow.

The event clearly exceeded our expectations. Everything is well organised, taking place right on time, and has a lot of different activities going on such as the pitching sessions, conferences, etc.

And between all the 650 startups, how did you find Boxmotions and what happened after you met?

We first met Alex and Pol from Boxmotions after their pitching session. We really liked them and they had the right background and motivation to move forward with an operationally complex business.

At that time, their company was operating for a very short time and they were thinking about raising their seed round. It was very early for us but we liked the entrepreneurs and the business so we kept in touch with them after 4YFN. During 2017 the company grew 25% per month and therefore we decided in Q4 to invest in them, at the right time to scale operations.

What would you recommend to other investors to find those hidden gem startups in the big exhibition hall we have?

It’s important to keep your investment criteria in mind and focus only on those companies that you potentially can invest in.  It is easy to stop by the hundreds of booths in the hall and this can be very time consuming as 4YFN is extremely big and pretty intense.

It is also worth saying that, as an investor, you have access to the private investor lounge which is a fantastic privilege and opportunity to meet other investors.

What would you recommend to startups to make themselves visible at an event like 4YFN?

Apply for the pitching sessions! This is one of the best opportunities to get visibility and the best way for investors to get to know you. Remember, the investors who attend the pitching sessions are willing to listen to your story. So, my advice would be, apply for the pitching sessions and dedicate time to prepare your pitch! Make sure you can explain your product in a clear way, what problem you are solving and what your competitive advantage is.

And what if you’re not selected…

I recommend to train your pitching skills anyway! There will be loads of investors walking around who can walk up to you and ask about your project. You must be ready to give your pitch any time! Always be prepared to convince us as to why your company is a good investment opportunity.

What attracted you to join the 4YFN Investors Club?

4YFN Investors Club can give you extra visibility and facilitates a great network and networking opportunities between its members. The club has members from leading investor entities around the world. The team has truly done an amazing job putting together such a great pool of investors.

This year, we are one of the nine Investor Community Partners and will be hosting a pitching session in the Discovery Area. We welcome all investors to swing by!


Where & when can you meet Joan Rojas from Inveready?

Discovery Area – Pitching Session Business & Productivity

Tuesday 27 February 16.00 – 17.00

Where & when can you meet Boxmotions?

4YFN Awards Semi – Final 1

Tuesday 27 February, 11.00 -12.00 @ Banco Sabadell Stage

Or in the 4YFN Awards Finalists area