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European Commission LIFE program supports BDi Biotechnology

European Commission LIFE program supports BDi Biotechnology and AB InBev consortium to develop innovative applications of Brewer Spent Yeast


The Spanish company, located in Valladolid, coordinates, together with Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), the LIFE YEAST project with the aim of valorising lateral streams of the beer production process. With a budget over 3.7 million, the project has caught the eye of the European Commission LIFE program due to its clear contribution to the sustainability and circular economy.


Several fermentation byproducts are obtained during the brewing process. Among them, the own yeast biomass in charge of the alcoholic fermentation (brewer’s spent yeast or BSY). This biomass contains a great nutritional value which enable it to reduce the protein deficit of Europe


The project, which will be developed until mid-2019, seeks to valorise what is currently a by-product in a new raw material, reducing energy, water and chemical consumption. It therefore contributes to what is known as Circular Economy, one of the priority areas of the action plans of the European Union, which has awarded it within the LIFE program.(


BDi is a business group that offers services for the improvement of microorganisms, development and scaling of biotechnological processes for the health and food segments. That is, it transforms biotech-based ideas that that come from universities, small start-ups or R&D departments of large companies into a commercial reality.


For its part, Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) is a Belgian multinational company, with headquarters in Leuven (Belgium). It is the world’s largest beer manufacturer, with a market share of around 30%. This giant manufactures, imports and exports some of the preferred and best-known brands of beer, including, among others, Corona or Coronita, Franziskaner, Leffe, Beck’s and Stella Artois.


“In AB Inveb we are compromised with the sustainability and with the creation of a better world through the innovation. The LIFE YEAST technology will allow us to create a protein source of high nutritional value. And the global footprint of our operations will allow us to make it in areas as Africa” said Jorge Gil-Martinez, R&D manager in AB-Inveb. “Providing our knowledge and industrial and technological experience we believe that we will be able to provide consumers this new products, as already happen in previous collaborations with AB-Inveb” said Francisco Reyes project manager in BDi