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The Next Generation of Mobile Games Usage Analytics,

The Next Generation of Mobile Games Usage Analytics, get seeded by London Venture Partners, Inveready and Kima ventures joining a team led by Ex-App Annie EVP to help mobile game publishers to find their most valuable users.

The next generation of mobile gaming metrics are presented today by at Helsinki PGConnect among a community of top game publishers and annouced its seed round with Supercell, Unity, Applifier historical investor London Venture Partners leading.

For Fred Thuard, Whally CEO & Co-Founder, “Mobile gaming market intelligence has been dominated by app store ranking and number of installs. As the market is getting more and more competitive, benchmarking a game, building a monetization strategy or acquiring users at high costs are getting more and more scientific. So we figured out that public data on scoring are a serious way to understand player engagement and understand user behaviours daily.”

Fred, ex-App Annie EVP, also added “To do so we decided to start analysing daily scores of nearly 380 million iOS players, posting daily more than 73+ millions scores in 12 countries within 20 categories of games on 190+ thousands iOS mobile games. This is actually the largest set of data points tracked anonymously in the industry without any SDK. Those are public data. So we ranked games by the number of daily players really scoring on leaderboards are in our Whally Index. No SDK, Rankings based on user engagement rather than marketing budgets, and free access to the data is now given to the community of mobile game publishers.”

“Whally will help mobile game publishers to identify and locate their most valuable users as a fiercer competition requires the most reliable data stack for a mobile game publisher to grow engagement and revenue. Whally is a perfect fit for our investment focus started with the early days of Supercell. Whally brings transparency in the market by setting mobile game usage as the new currency on game performance. Whally helps to understand that top positions and strong usage can be reached by new publishers and not only by big spenders. This shows that opportunities are there despite a stronger competition” said Paul Heydon, Partner of London Ventures Partners leading the seed investment round.

“A good example on how to use is to look at Jim Bonacci’s Fancy Force Happy Wheel casual game last month release.” The famous web game now ported on  iOS managed to reach a top 5 position on Whally index within two weeks with a steady two millions daily scorers base. Just between August 19th and 22nd, Happy Wheel has won 700K new unique players in less than 48 hours. Only Whally can offer this level of data granularity to benchmark each game using fully anonymised public date” as Fred highlighted.

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About Whally

Whally is in a mission to build the next generation of mobile game usage intelligence to help to identify the most valuable users. Mobile game usage intelligence is mission critical for mobile game publishers. Whally is building the largest sample of data points to understand and share insights on mobile game use behaviour globally. Whally is forged by a strong team of mobile, analytics and gaming professionals dedicated to bring more transparency on the market.

About LVP – London Venture Partners

LVP is a seed fund with a valuable difference: our partners are operating experts in the games ecosystem, and we only ever invest in the game sector. The LVP team has been seed investors in game companies that have created $4 billion in value through exits including Supercell, Playfish and NaturalMotion, and is an investor in many other great companies including Unity, PlayRaven, Omnidrone, Peak and Polystream. To learn more about LVP visit

About Inveready

Inveready Technology Investment Group ( is the first Spanish investment group focused on innovative companies in the early stages of their business lifecycle, with seed stage financial needs of approximately €1 to €4 million. Inveready has offices in Barcelona, Madrid and San Francisco, which is a fantastic resource for companies seeking to internationalize their solutions.

About Kima ventures

KIMA VENTURES is an investment fund launched in March 2010 by Xavier Niel and Jérémie Berrebi. Business Insider has named Kima Ventures as the most active Angel Fund in the world.