The previous experience of our team in Fortune(™)100 companies, investment banking, structured finance, startups and mid-market companies will help entrepreneurs and company management to develop their business, go to market strategy, recruit talent and design product roadmaps. Inveready can also leverage from the experience of a large network of LPs and successful founders.

Josep Maria Echarri
Managing Partner
Ignacio Fonts
Managing Partner
Roger Piqué
General Partner
Carlos Conti
General Partner
Angel Bou
Operating Partner & Digital Tech Investment Director
Sara Secall
Operating Partner & Life Sciences Investment Director
Eduard Feliu
Operating Partner & CFO
Sara Sanz
General Director of Inveready Innovation Consulting
Ignacio Puig
Venture Debt Investment Director
Mar Lopez
Compliance Manager and Head of Investor Relations
Mª José Vericat
Operations Manager Assistant
Borja Ballesté
Investment Manager
Javier Minguella
Investment Manager
Joan Rojas
Investment Manager
Rubén Gonzalez
Investment Associate
Lucas de La Vega
Investment Associate
María Poveda
Investment Analyst
Antonio Herce
Investment Analyst
Santiago de Arquer
Investment Analyst
Joan Miralles
José Carlos López
Sanja Ilic
Marketing and Communications Manager
Leticia Pérez
Office Manager
Jasmina Otón
Executive Assistant